Warriors Vase, Mycenae, Greece, 1200 BCE

The Warriors Vase is a very different example of than the octopus jar.

The Warriors Vase is one of the latest Mycenaean examples of vase painting. The vase painting’s name comes from the scene painted on the vase. The scene depicts a woman bidding farewell to a group of heavily armed Mycenaean soldiers marching off to war. What’s interesting about this vase painting is that there is no background. The emptiness behind the woman and the soldier does not suggest a specific setting where the scene is taking place. The figures are depicted using both the silhouette and outline technique. The figures are arranged in combination of frontal and profile views. In this sense, the Warriors Vase is reminiscent of Egyptian art. Also, the figures of the soldiers are arranged in a repetitive pattern. Every soldier looks alike and if facing the same direction. There is barely any variety. For instance, compare this scene with the one on the Minoan Harvesters Vase, which is full of detail, variety, and anecdotes (for an image of the Minoan Harvesters Vase, click here).

Although, it may seem a bit repetitive and dull, I like this work of Mycenaean vase painting. The figures of the woman and the marching soldiers kind of remind me of cartoons that I would watch today. I like the simple outlining and silhouette brushwork that the artist employed in this vase painting. I also like the color choice (I am not sure if the artist chose that color or if that was the only color choice): I think it goes well with the color of pottery.

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