Thank You…

Dear readers,

I have thoroughly enjoyed blogging about art history every week for this year and I hope that you, as readers, have enjoyed reading my posts. Art history is one of my favorite subjects to learn about. I think that it is so interesting and intriguing to have remnants from the past. Sometimes these remnants come in tiny little pieces, fragile and incomplete, while other times, they come in a complete, well-preserved form. Either way, I think that it is amazing how much these anachronisms can reveal about the past (i.e. how people in the past lived, the accomplishments they celebrated, the sorrows they commemorated, the people and gods they respected and revered, etc.).

At first, I was new to blogging. I rarely read or followed blogs and I had certainly never blogged myself. The blogging world was a foreign place. I quickly learned about how to work WordPress and developed and acquired blogging skills. At the beginning, it took me a while to come up with ideas and write each blog post. Then, as I gained more experience in blogging, the process became quicker and more natural. I would easily pick my favorite works of art, artworks that interested me, or works that I knew little about and wanted to learn more about. I deliberately covered several styles of art and I tried to write several posts about famous works such as the Mona Lisa. I also tried very hard to make each post as interesting as I could, by adding pictures, each accompanied with captions, by including hyperlinks, and sometimes videos relating to that artwork or artist.

I would also like to thank all my readers for putting in the time to read each blog post, sometimes commenting on the artwork, and often linking my blog posts to theirs. I regularly read your blogs and I really enjoyed your posts. So… thank you!

I have a true passion for art history and I hope to have shared it with you. I have thoroughly enjoyed writing about each week and I hope that you have enjoyed reading about it as well.

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