This blog is about French language and culture, Art History, and the First World War.

The French language is a very-widely spoken language. Its expressive vocabulary, complex grammatical rules, and subtle nuances of meaning make it such an elegant, intriguing, and haute couture language. That being said, this language is only a small slice of the French culture.

Art History is the study of the development of art from its very beginnings to today, specifically focusing on the context of works of art. Art History provides historians with an understanding of the history of the world as well since history is reflected through art. Oftentimes, developed societies produce fascinating artworks that parallel what the people value or are experiencing.

The First World War (1914-1918) was one of the greatest tragedies in the history of humankind. For all the death and destruction it brought, it barely resolved the many underlying issues that caused it and ultimately led to a second, even deadlier and more destructive world war.

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